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שם האתר varda kotler
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תחום התמחות ורדה קוטלר זמרת סופראנו, varda kotler soprano
תיאור Varda Kotler, soprano
varda kotler sang the opera roles of Cherubino, Siebel, Rosina, Stephano and Flora. Recitals, opera and concerts has taken her to: Paris, Monte-Carlo, Vienna, Zurich, Geneve, Lausanne and Messina (Italy). She has received good critics from: New york Times, Die presse, Wiener-zeitung, der standard Jerusalem post, giornale di sicilia, maariv, yediot aharonot and haretz.

varda kotler get good critique from:
Le Monde De La Musique
jerusalem post
Le Christianisme
a nous paris
Novosti Newspaper

varda studied voice with Netania Dovrat and continued her studies with Mrs. Vera Roze in London and Mrs. Rita Patane in New York and Italy. She has sung at festivals, opera-houses and concerts in Israel and Europe with the conductors: Pinhas Steinberg, Siegfried Kohler, Lawrence Foster, Kees Barkels, Arthur Faegen, Steven Sloan, Mandy Rodan and in New York with Hugo Weisgal and the Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra of New York. Among her performances are: Mozart’s Missa in C.minor. The Requiem d- mol and the Vesperae Solennes. Bach’s Magnificat, Handel cantatas Berlioz’ Nuits dete, Berio’s folk songs.

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